Titanium Dioxide for Rutile Iron Printing Ink

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As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you titanium dioxide for rutile iron printing ink, the product is a rutile titanium dioxide surface-modified by zirconium-aluminum inorganic coating and a new type of dispersant organic treatment agent. properties such as hiding power.The following is the introduction of titanium dioxide for rutile iron printing ink, hoping to help you better understand titanium dioxide for rutile iron printing ink. Welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate with us to create a better future!

Product Descriptionof Titanium Dioxide for Rutile Iron Printing Ink:

Molecular formulation: Ti02

Molecular weight: 79.9

Property: Specific gravity of 3.9, stable

Appearance: White powder

Quality Standard

The product index shall be subject to the test report

Quality IndexQuality RequirementsApplication fields
The content of titanium dioxide, %≥93.50CoatingInk( solvent- based,tin-printing )Leather,color paste and sheetPaintsPlasticsRubber
Surface TreatmentSilicon, Aluminum
Brightness, %≥97.00
Oil Absorption, g/100g≤20
L value≥97.00
b value≤2.00
Tinting Strength,%≥105
Residue on sieve(45um), %≤0.02
Resistance, Ω.m≥60

Uses: Especially suitable for color paste color card, iron printing ink, steel coil coating, wood coating and other application fields.

Packaging: Plastic-lined composite woven bag, net weight 25kg.

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