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The difference between gouache and watercolor paint


The difference between gouache and watercolor paint:

1. The pigment particles are different:

The pigment particles of watercolor are small, and the pigment is delicate and clear in color; while the particles of gouache are larger, with strong covering power and thick coating effect.

2. Different painting methods:

Watercolor needs to be painted repeatedly, and watercolor is usually repeated 2-5 times; gouache is not used, and its covering power is better, and it is easy to mix colors repeatedly.

3. Different effects:

The color of watercolor is transparent and easy to layer, and the effect of the picture is clearer, and the sense of layering and expressiveness is easier to show; the color of gouache is more vivid because of the thickness of the pigment, and the picture is real, thick and stable.

4. Different painting tools:

Most of the brushes used are soft-tip brushes that require water storage and elasticity. Watercolors use water as the medium; gouache brushes are not water-absorbent, so they are generally hard-tip brushes.

5. The paper is different:

Watercolor paper is more expensive, and the color is easy to carry. It can also be used for sketching and collecting materials; gouache is relatively cheap, but its pigments are not convenient to carry around, and can be used for large-scale painting.

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