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Reasons and solutions for Rubber O Ring to produce bubbles


Customers and friends often report that Rubber O Ring produces bubbles. The editor is here to talk to you about the reasons and solutions for Rubber O Ring to produce bubbles.

1. Reasons for rubber O-ring equipment and molds

1. Cause Analysis

(1) The temperature control of the equipment is high, which leads to the increase of the mold temperature and the shortening of the flow time of the rubber die.

(2) There is damage and dirt on the surface of the mold, which will affect the fluidity of the rubber compound.

(3) The position distribution of the mold exhaust line and holes is unreasonable, resulting in the exhaust being affected.

2. Solutions

(1) Improve the temperature control sensor system of the equipment to keep the temperature in the mold in a balanced state.

(2) Repair the damage on the surface of the mold, and regularly clean the dirt on the mold.

(3) Improve the layout of mold exhaust lines and holes to enhance the effectiveness of exhaust.

2. Rubber O Ring raw material factors

1. Cause Analysis

(1) The moisture and volatilization in natural rubber do not meet the standard requirements.

(2) Other auxiliary raw materials are damp, resulting in an increase in moisture.

2. Solutions

(1) Natural rubber can be properly baked after cutting to reduce moisture and volatilization in the rubber.

(2) Auxiliary raw materials should be stored in a dry and ventilated place. In the rainy season, yo, pay attention to moisture-proof measures.

3. Rubber O Ring production operation

1. Cause Analysis

(1) The temperature control in the production process is not strict and accurate.

(2) There is a lot of air in the rubber cord glue and the thread, which causes foaming during molding.

(3) The process in the vulcanization process does not meet the requirements, such as unreasonable vulcanization time and improper temperature.

2. Solutions

(1) Control the temperature indicators in the production process.

(2) The calendered rubber cord can be arranged with several groups of cotton threads along the warp, which can increase the exhaust effect between the rubber cord layers.

(3) Strictly formulate the time and temperature of vulcanization. It is recommended to use automatic production equipment to avoid the occurrence of time and temperature errors caused by manual work.

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